Information Package for Data Providers

Service description

The Work-Life Knowledge Service, which is produced and constantly updated by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, gathers together work life data from different sources and provides open access to it. The service provides up-to-date and reliable information on work life in Finland to experts, the media, work life developers and other parties using work life information.

The information is presented in an easily accessible visual and interactive format. The content we offer is constantly being expanded and updated.

In the development of this service, we also need your data.

Why publish in the Work-Life Knowledge Service?

The purpose of the service is to promote national availability of work life data and to respond to the social demand for further use and open access to research data. The service promotes the openness of science and the utilization of digitalization in the presentation and sharing of information.

The Work-Life Knowledge Service is an opportunity to gain additional visibility for one's own data or research results, which is also appreciated by financiers. Visualization of information is assisted by skilled data scientists and communications about the publication is aided by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. Publication is free of charge and takes place in three languages.

What kind of information can be published in the Work-Life Knowledge Service?

The Work-Life Knowledge Service provides a platform for several different types of publications. The publication may be based on statistics, register data, survey data, various results or calculation formulae. The data is presented anonymously in the service.

When selecting the data, we pay attention to the relevance, reliability and representativeness of the data. In publication, it is an advantage if the data provider knows the characteristics of their own data well, the data no longer requires a lot of processing and the dimensions presented are easily identified from the data.

How do I get published in the Work-Life Knowledge Service?

If you wish to publish in the Work-Life Knowledge Service, please contact us by e-mail at After contacting us, we will arrange a joint meeting to discuss the content of the publication, its objectives, target groups, communications and schedule.

The data scientists of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health are responsible for the visualization of information and its integration into the service. The data providers produce the description text of the publication and possibly a separate expert letter that may be attached to it.

The texts are translated into Swedish and English by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

Depending on the data, it is usually good to reserve at least two months for the publication process.