Lately, the platform economy and work mediated via digital platforms have garnered a lot of attention. In “platform work”, platforms serve as marketplaces for people who perform work and people who buy work performances. The subject is largely unknown to the general public and its terminology is not yet very well established. There are many ways of conceptualising what platform work is and how it changes work life. (See references)

Platforms and their practices change the way work is carried out and organised. That is why researchers, legislators, companies and third-sector actors alike are interested in it. There is a great need for information regarding platform work.

The purpose of this list is to survey the field of companies that mediate platform work in Finland. The list is aimed at finding and identifying platform companies that mediate work, and either are Finnish or operate in Finland. The list is not a comprehensive description of platform work carried out in Finland or its scope but is rather intended to offer information on the number and type of companies in Finland that mediate platform work.

This survey is part of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health’s Fair work on platforms – Reita study project which studies and promotes fairness of platform work in Finland.

You are welcome to complement the list!

New platform companies are constantly being established. That is why we would like to invite you to participate in completing the list. If you know of any companies that might match the criteria below but are not included in the list, please submit your proposal to Jere Immonen using the email address below. As the list is still only a prototype, we also warmly welcome suggestions on how to improve the list, its criteria and information content. We complement and modify the list approximately every six months.

Criteria for platform companies included in the list:

  1. There are at least three parties that participate in mediating work: the platform company, the buyer and the party that offers work.
  2. The platform company has a digital platform for mediating and managing gigs, projects or fixed-term employment contracts.
    • Management can refer to digital assessment mechanisms, selecting the party to carry out the work with the help of an algorithm or using the platform for contacting and managing financial transactions.
  3. Mediating and managing work constitutes the platform company’s business or a part of it.
    • Mere job-seeking sites or open profiles for marketing skills do not meet the criteria for managing gigs.
  4. The platform companies are situated between the party that offers work and the buyer. This does not include communications and content management systems internal to a work organization.
    • The parties offering work can also be employed by the platform company. For example, temporary work agencies that employ digital platforms to manage the work are included in the list.
    • Anyone can apply to use the platform to offer or buy work. However, the platform company can impose limits on who is listed.
  5. The mediated service is the work performance.
    • Not the sale of goods or rental of an apartment or vehicle.
  6. The company or a part of the group of companies is registered in Finland or the company has operations specific to Finland.
    • International platform companies must have a subsidiary in Finland or operate locally in Finland.

List of platform companies that mediate work

Choose sector
CompanyBusiness IDSector (Eurofound)
1BabysitsHousehold services
2Bolt.Works Oy2041555-3Construction and maintenance services
3BuilderBOT (Jakoa Enterprises Oy)3001890-6Construction and maintenance services
4Cabo (Ridesolutions Oy)3113149-2Transport services
5Care.comHousehold services
6EarlyBird (Early Bird Oy)0680428-8Transport services
7Extranet (Henkilöstöratkaisu Extraajat Oy)2490480-5Professional services
8Ework (eWork Group Finland Oy)1868289-8Professional services
9Ferovalo Oy2763172-6Professional services
10Fiuge Oy2934328-5Transport services
11Foodora (Delivery Hero Finland Oy) (Delivery Hero Finland Logistics Oy)1936684-6 (2435555-1)Transport services
12FoxDo Oy2956854-8Construction and maintenance services
13Free-Talent Oy2908044-6Household services Professional services
14Gikker (Pocket Manager Finland Oy)3014372-3Professional services
15Gixon (Libera la musica Oy)2830471-9Professional services
16Helpdor Oy2844881-9Household services Construction and maintenance services Transport services
17HR Commercial Community ( Oy)3169942-4Professional services
18IndustryHack2689566-6Professional services
19Kjelp Oy2914918-3Construction and maintenance services
20Kodinpro (Easoft KodinPro Oy)2914345-1Construction and maintenance services
21Kodinplaza (Business Brothers Finland Oy)2640348-1Construction and maintenance services
22Koiruliini Oy3222681-3Professional services Household services
23Konkari (Nextmile Oy)3223297-3Professional services
24Lakiareena (Suomalainen lakipalveluyhtiö OY)2849465-5Professional services
25Lääkä (Carecode Oy)2622569-7Professional services
26Maj (MAJ works Oy)2778536-2Professional services Household services
27Matchmade (Shark Punch Oy)2618428-2Professional services
28Minduu (AtCare Oy)2482860-3Professional services
29Moppi (Free Media Lab Oy)1595645-1Household services
30Muuttomaailma (Alma Mediapartners Oy)2307556-6Transport services
31MyXline (Miwotec Oy)2285641-6Transport services (Somella Oy)2440368-0Professional services
33Semantix Finland Oy0836525-8Professional services
34Seure Henkilöstöpalvelut Oy0800415-3Professional services
35SitlyHousehold services
36Solved - The Cleantech Company Oy2541349-3Professional services
37Somessa Oy ab2595233-1Professional services
38Timma Oy2412479-6Professional services
39Transfluent Oy2147448-3Professional services
40Treamer (Treamer Finland Oy) (Treamer Oy)2824489-1 (2699312-7)Professional services
41Tulka Oy2757909-1Professional services
42Työntekijöitä.fi (SLP Group Oy)2485076-3Household services Professional services Construction and maintenance services
43Uber Finland Oy2636362-7Transport services
44Urakkamaailma (Alma Mediapartners Oy)2307556-6Construction and maintenance services (Polarico Oy)2490890-2Professional services
46Wolt (Wolt Enterprises Oy)2646674-9Transport services
47Work Pilots Oy2718776-8Household services Professional services
48Yango (Yandex Oy)2541661-9Transport services
49YoopiesHousehold services

Reference to the Eurofound classification: Typology | Eurofound ( .

*Household services refer to services offered to households. Professional services refer to work that requires professional skills. The Eurofound typology identifies three key sectors of platform work, and this list mainly complies with that classification. Only companies that offer construction and maintenance services have been separated as their own group due to their great number.