Work-life knowledge service

Providing open knowledge on work-life phenomena and the interaction between work and well-being

Data Coming this autumn

How do people in Finland experience work engagement?

Learn more about experiences of work engagement with extensive survey reports. Work engagement is enjoying and being enthusiastic about your work, and it can be experienced in any profession.

Data Coming this autumn

Exposure to carcinogenic substances

Learn more about the exposure to carcinogenic substances in different occupations and industries.

Data Coming this autumn

National status of exposure measurements

Browse employees’ exposure to chemical and biological exposure agents by industry and learn more about the limit values of different agents.

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Occupational safety and health monitoring information

Browse the occupational safety and health information collected by Regional State Administrative Agencies by sector or industry.

Data Coming this autumn

Short sick-leaves in social welfare and health care organizations

Browse information on short sick-leaves in social welfare and health care organizations.

Analysis Coming this autumn

Mental health window

An extensive range of indicators of the mental health of working population is added to the Work-Life Knowledge service. The first item to be published is a summary of the theme.