Competence and learning

The constant shift of work life requires continued the renewing of competencies by both employees and work communities. Everyone must be able to react to various changes in their operating environment, such as digitalization, climate change and the aging work population. Competence can be developed in degree programmes conducted in educational institutions, further training provided at workplaces as well as employees’ independent learning.


Employees' experiences on the development of sustainability competence at workplaces

Green transition and climate change bring about new skill requirements in work life

Private service sector work undergoing change

Securing workforce in the private service sector requires ensuring the well-being and competence of existing employees as well as the recruitment and induction of new employees.

Well-being at work and competence in the service sector

The survey provides an updated overview of the work, well-being at work and competence of employees in the private service sector in the early 2020s.