High risk Occupations

The number of occupational disease cases started to rise in 2020

The number of recognized occupational disease cases in the working-age population started to increase with COVID-19 infections. Noise-induced hearing loss remains the most commonly recognized occupational disease in the working-age population. Occupational diseases are recognized especially in manufacturing, construction and agriculture, forestry and fishing.

Recognized occupational diseases in the working-age population

Which different factors contribute to the frequency of different occupational diseases? How are these diseases spread geographically? FIOH's statistics provide interesting insight into the matter.


The number of workers exposed to carcinogens has increased during years 2010–2019

The increase is mainly due to the increased numbers of employees in the mining industry in Northern Finland. The number of people exposed to asbestos almost tripled during the review period.

Occupational exposure to carcinogenic substances

Learn more about the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health’s ASA register data during years 2010-2019.

Sickness absence and the strenuousness of work

Compare the link between strenuous work and sickness absences in different occupations