Mental Health


Mental health is a multidimensional issue of work life

Mental well-being is one of the cornerstones of work ability, but mental health disorders remain a significant challenge for work life. In the Work-Life Knowledge service, you can find diverse information on the prevalence of mental health disorders, risk factors and resource factors.


The Working Life Barometer measures occupational burnout experienced by employees

The Working Life Barometer by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has studied experiences of occupational burnout since 2019.

Working Life Barometer data regarding occupational burnout

The Working Life Barometer includes a question on how often the respondent has feelings related to occupational burnout or harmful stress in their work.

Social character forms of mental health

The What if the well-being of the mind was to be rebuilt? interview survey developed a new approach to understanding the mental health of employed young adults as part of work life and changing operating culture.


Mental health diagnosis prediction chart – background and interpretation

The most important factors that predict a mental health diagnosis given by occupational health care are age, gender, melancholy thoughts, intense feelings of stress and recurring feelings of daytime tiredness.


Factors that predict a mental health diagnosis

What factors predict a mental-health-related diagnosis among employed people? Browse research results based on occupational health care data.


Sickness absence and the strenuousness of work

Compare the link between strenuous work and sickness absences in different occupations