Occupational Health

The occupational health care personnel are the experts when it comes to the relation between work and health, and they see to it, together with workplace personnel, that employees work safely and that their work ability is maintained and promoted. The goal is to ensure that the work and the work environment are healthy and safe, prevent work-related diseases and accidents and promote employees’ work ability and health as well as the work community’s well-being at work.

The employer is responsible for safety and well-being at the workplace. The tasks of occupational health care services include the promotion of the work ability of the work community and employees in co-operation with the workplace. The employer must arrange occupational health care for its employees at its own cost. Entrepreneurs and other self-employed persons also have a similar chance to arrange occupational health care services for themselves.

Updated 15.3.2021

Funding and costs of occupational health care

Employers and employees pay 99.4% of the costs of occupational health care

Updated 15.3.2021

Occupational health services' costs and coverage

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