Safety and health in the workplace

Updated 5.3.2021

Perceived stress during the COVID-19 epidemic varied by occupation among municipal employees – remote work was linked to higher satisfaction

The Kunta10 survey reveals that municipal employees were, for the most part, fairly satisfied with their work life in the past year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the year was difficult, positive trends were seen in several areas of work life.

Updated 9.12.2020

Great differences in the involvement of occupational safety and health in managing the COVID-19 situation

Key factors for managing the situation include communication, remaining vigilant and caring. These are some of the findings included in the open-ended answers of the Occupational safety and health panel targeted to occupational safety officers and representatives.

Updated 9.12.2020

Occupational safety and health activities during the COVID-19 situation

The occupational safety and health panel provides information about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the workplace and how successfully the situation has been managed.

Updated 9.12.2020

Occupational safety and health panel provides current information

The survey provides information about the phenomena, demands and trends of workplaces related to occupational safety and health.