Shift in work life

Work life keeps changing. Digitalization changes the ways work is organized as well as when, where and how work is done. It promotes opportunities for remote and hybrid work, for example. Work life is also changing in other ways. Immigration continues to make workplaces more diverse linguistically and culturally, and climate change forces companies to make new energy solutions and draft climate-friendly strategies.


A list of platform companies that mediate work is now available for viewing and complementing for everyone

A list and classification of platform companies that mediate work available in Finland


Municipal sector employee commuting during the COVID-19 pandemic and the environmental load caused by commuting

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly increased remote work in municipal sector professions, affecting commuting methods and the environmental load caused by commuting.

Use of cars and bicycles for commuting in the municipal sector in 2020 and 2022

The study examines changes in commuting and traffic emissions in the municipal sector in 2020 and 2022.


Employees' experiences on the development of sustainability competence at workplaces

Green transition and climate change bring about new skill requirements in work life

Climate change and work - Survey data collection for employees

Employees' experiences on workplaces' sustainability measures were surveyed for the first time


Monimuotoisuutta ja yhdenvertaisuutta tulee edistää organisaation kaikilla tasoilla

Monimuotoisuuden ja yhdenvertaisuuden arvostaminen on nostettu laajasti esille organisaatioiden strategioihin ja suunnitelmiin. Tämä ilmenee henkilöstöalan ammattilaisille suunnatun Monimuotoisuusbarometrin tuloksista.



Monimuotoisuusbarometri kertoo henkilöstöalan ammattilaisten monimuotoisuusnäkemyksistä.